SCS-Geschichten: Familie Warmus

Was liebst du an der Sheboygan Christian School?
We love a lot of things about Sheboygan Christian School, but our favorite thing is the supportive community the organization creates.  We love that SCS offers a high-level academic education to our kids, while also building and strengthening their sense of who they are in God’s sight and how His vision for their lives can look even on a daily basis.  There is a mindful and heartfelt collaboration between staff and parents, which strengthens the support our family feels even beyond the classroom walls.  We appreciate the mission and vision that the school is built on, and that the staff and community is encouraged to actively work in the best interest of our students and families.

Warum haben Sie die Sheboygan Christian School für Ihre Kinder gewählt?
We chose Sheboygan Christian School for our children because we believe wholeheartedly that it is the most beneficial school environment we can offer our kids.  We embrace the Biblical foundation that teachings are built on, we trust the leadership and teachers to guide our kids through these formative years, and appreciate the sense of partnership between home and school that SCS embodies.  John attended SCS from Pre-K through high school, while I joined the school for my high school years.  We believe the school had a positive influence on our lives, and we see such growth and fruitfulness happening within SCS that we have no doubt our kids will have the same experience through their time here.

Inwiefern haben Sie gesehen, wie Ihre Kinder aufgrund ihrer Erfahrung bei SCS in ihrem Glauben gewachsen sind?
We believe SCS has had an enormous influence on forming a Christian worldview in our children, even at their young ages.  The faith foundation that is built into the daily education of our kids at SCS supports the Christian perspective we believe in and teach at home.  This shows itself in all different ways, but we can hear it in our children’s words when they share about what they have learned, or in their responses to different life situations that arise like building friendships with peers.  The consistency of seeing the world through a Biblical lens at both home and school is proving to have a powerful and positive impact on our kids as they grow and develop.

Inwiefern haben Sie gesehen, wie Ihre Kinder aufgrund ihrer Erfahrungen bei SCS akademisch gewachsen sind?
It has been such a joy seeing our children blossom through their education at SCS!  We have had very positive experiences with the teaching staff and we are extremely satisfied with the academic advancements our children have made in their school careers.  Our oldest child is currently in first grade, so her learning is focusing a lot on reading and different core math concepts.  We have seen great growth in our 4K student in her writing and memorization skills.  Overall, SCS has nurtured the growth of our children beyond what we could have expected from a school.

Einer unserer Schlüsselwerte ist die Partnerschaft. Wie arbeitet SCS mit Ihrer Familie zusammen, um Ihre Kinder großzuziehen und zu erziehen?
The sense of community and partnership between the school and the families that fill Sheboygan Christian School is truly unmatched.  The way in which administration and staff approach their style of contact with families, their openness for regular communication, and their genuine care for the good of our children and families can be felt on a daily basis at SCS.  One thing that comes to mind is the different opportunities SCS offers for family members to serve within the classroom or during the school day.  I appreciate the fact that, as a parent, I am welcome to assist during special events in my children’s classroom or that I can be a lunch/recess supervision volunteer.  To me, this shows the partnership and transparency that SCS encourages between both school and family.

Was unterscheidet SCS von anderen Schulen?
I think Sheboygan Christian School strives for success on every level that a family would look for: offering a solid faith foundation, holding to high academic instruction and expectations, and creating a sense of community that enhances the safety and security of the environment each of us wish for our children to be part of.  I see daily efforts made to ensure the education and life-experience our students receive at SCS is of the highest quality.

Was würden Sie einer zukünftigen Familie sagen, die eine Einschreibung an der Sheboygan Christian School in Betracht zieht?
I would say, “WELCOME!!!”  (Sort of kidding, sort of not!)  Truly, I would tell any prospective family that we believe so completely in Sheboygan Christian School’s mission and level of excellence that we trust them with our kids every day!  I think our school environment is Christ-centered and genuine, and I would certainly encourage them to come and experience the positive school culture that we aim to grow and strengthen every day.  Come be part of it!  We’re glad you’re here.