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Our Fine Arts Vision: Students will develop their God-given creative abilities as they reflect Him by striving for excellence and glorifying God.

Music is a gift of God to us, His creatures. We, being created in the image of God, likewise have a creative nature. We therefore have the ability to create and appreciate the creation of music. Music is also a vital part of our worship of God, as we are commanded to do so throughout the Bible.  The music curriculum trains God’s people to be active participants in performing, studying, and listening to music so that they may reflect God to the world.

Younger elementary students begin with developing their innate love and responsiveness to music.  They learn to appreciate that music is a gift from God, and begin building a foundation of using all music for the glory of God. These students also participate in our Christmas Concert, as well as our Spring Program - a musical drama with a biblically relevant theme.  Middle and upper elementary students build on this by developing musical skills including understanding beat/rhythm, vocal techniques, learning to read and create music, pitch recognition, and musical movement. They also learn about composers, instruments, musical genres, and God’s purposefulness in creating music.

All Middle School students have the privilege of participating in Choir.  Choir provides them with an opportunity to continue developing skills in body movement for singing, vocal control, pitch matching, harmony, and reading musical scores.  They learn how all of these skills can enhance their ability to use music for the purpose of glorifying God. This will equip them to sing in unity with others, blending voices and expression, for lifelong musical worship.  Each December, the Choir participates in the Christmas Concert. They also sing as a group, and in smaller ensembles/duets/solos at the local and regional Christian Schools International Music Festival. Additional opportunities to use their music to encourage others include singing for Grandparents’ Day, caroling in the community at Christmas time, and singing on the Chapel Praise Team (optional).

Concert Choir is offered to students grades 9-12.  Concert Choir gives students the opportunity to develop their vocal gifts in a way that will give praise and glory to God through a variety of musical styles.  The Concert Choir performs two concerts throughout the school year– a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert. Additional performing opportunities also include Grandparents’ Day, Honors Choir, and the WSMA Solo/Ensemble Festival.