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3K and 4K

Sheboygan Christian School is committed to providing a nurturing, Christ-centered environment that encourages students to explore, learn and succeed all for the glory of God and His kingdom.

At Sheboygan Christian School, we believe that all children are uniquely made by God and thus, learn and develop at different rates. We also know that children thrive in an environment that is consistent and secure. The preschool program at SCS provides a safe, loving, fun and educational environment for all students, centered around a structured schedule. Students will have opportunities to engage in free and structured playtime, fine (small) and gross (large) motor skill activities, Bible stories/lessons, arts and crafts, music, story time and many other fun, educational activities.

There are many skills that children are able to learn through creative, educational play. Through a mixture of guided and undirected play, students in the SCS preschool program will have the opportunity to learn about God and the world He made, numbers, shapes, letters, colors, animals, seasons, feelings, the senses God gave us, nutrition, basic science and math concepts, art, music, manners, pretend play, and working cooperatively with others.