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“They shall proclaim His righteousness unto a people yet unborn - 

for He has done it!” - Psalm 22:31


More than a hundred years ago, Dutch immigrants in Sheboygan started a Christian elementary school. They must have had great fear and anticipation as they sacrificed to get this original school started in 1898, but they also had a vision. They trusted in the words of Psalm 22:31, “They shall proclaim His righteousness unto a people yet unborn - for He has done it!”  At its core, this is what Christian education is all about - training the next generation in the fear and knowledge of the Lord.    

They set about the task of doing just that, and for generations this school prospered. Yet, for generations parents talked about starting a Christian high school. In late 1969, a small group of parents dared to challenge conventional academic wisdom of the time, and they founded the high school they had so long dreamed about.

From its small beginnings, SCS has grown into a school for the entire Christian community. Today, SCS, a state and nationally accredited, independent, 3k - 12th grade Christian school, is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of parents and supporters who are elected by fellow parents and school supporters. Today’s board shares the same vision established by our founders: our children will impact the world, both new and far, for Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible is the ultimate source of truth for both faith and life and must be at the heart of all education. Each day, our staff provides an education founded in these beliefs to over 240 students from more than 130 families and having representation from 35 different churches in Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Fond Du Lac and Manitowoc counties.